Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Experimenting with experiments...

Today I lost around 3 hour sitting in front of my laptop realizing how I, from time to time (and curiosity) willingly but unconsciously test Microsoft's "masterpiece".

After being a happy tester of the Win 7 pre-build 6950 from October (right, the second leaked version), happy not because of stability reasons but because as an experimented developer that puts first time the hands on something new, I took precautions and until January when the official beta was released, I kept myself from messing too much with the new OS, not to mention never even thinking about really working on it. In January, amazingly and unexpectedly, the official beta 7000 installed flawlessly over the 6950, and I thought I should take things more seriously and start deploying the "laboratory" on it.

I still remember that with the exception of a number of annoying bugs (problems with insomnia, or waking from it, memory leaks, drivers ..), the system was relatively stable (conditioned by a daily bases reboot).

But with the unofficial leak 7022 that was supposed to contain kernel patches for some of those problems, I lost 3 hours today and everything I installed on the ex-win7-system. One and a half hour of updating the system, 20 minutess of updating registry&services, crash, another 20 minutes trying to rollback the old system and that's about it. Not to mention the dead periods of time between.

Surely being too confident in M$ developer's skill is a "must NOT".
I ca still hear from some that build 6956 is the most stable of them all. No problemo, I believe turning back is never an acceptable solution. So .. Tomorrow (night maybe) is a new day and I will try a fresh install of 7022.


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