Thursday, January 28, 2010

Saving TFS (Team File System) passwords in XP, Vista and Windows 7

This is a small tutorial for those that work with Visual Studion and TFS, and are annoyed by the fact that every time you try to open a project, you have to type in your user credentials. In present there is no simple way to store the credentials in the project itself, at least not yet :)

Instead, there is another solution - to add your credentials into Windows Credential Manager.

In Windows XP

1. Go to Control Panel, click on User Accounts, Advanced, Manage Passwords, then Add
2. Enter the TFS Server address
3. Enter your credentials, username and password

In Windows Vista
1. Go to Control Panel, Click on User Accounts, Manage your Network Passwords, then click Add
2. Enter TFS Server address
3. Enter credentials

In Windows 7
1. Go to Control Panel, Click on User Accounts & Famili Safety, Click on Credential Manager
2. Add TFS Server in Windows Credential Section
3. Enter TFS Server address and your credentials

Edit: This applies also to those that are using tools like Microsoft Office Word or Excel with TFS.

That’s it!


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